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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Vision of 432 Tuning

After hiatus and reprieve, the Tuning Temple is back, with the full download, of 432 hz tuning. I'm excited to be creating sound journeys and live environments, all tuned to 432 hz -- the frequency of the natural world.

The vision is to use biofeedback, brainwave entrainment, and 432 sound, for a high vibrational, tuned in, activated experience.

Since my forays with the Tuning Temple at festivals in California in 2011, I've delved deep into the worlds of art and geometry. A breakthrough has been realizing that visual creations, are songs displayed on a flat plane -- the quantum interference pattern of the waves of sound in my head as I paint. I'm also finding it fascinating how geometry can be interpreted as sound, and the many correlations of the number 432 with sacred geometries.

It's exciting to see different mediums of expression and experience, melt together. The activation I've found with art, is taking me wholeheartedly into creating  music. It's a natural progression and culmination of the songs that are constantly streaming through!

One of the most exciting aspects of the environment, is the technology of biofeedback, which allows different parameters of the sound and light, to be responsive to internal states. It's an immersive environment, meaning the that the participant is helping to create it. For example, if one is stressed, the visuals might be scattered and random, but as one relaxes and comes to a more coherent state, the visuals would exhibit qualities of order, calm, and vibrancy.

We're on this journey together. Let's manifest this Tuning Temple, bring coherence to the diverse elements, and tune ourselves to the great harmonies that we are.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Springtime flow,  goopy characters, adventures in the mind, symphonies of color. 

Om Namah Shivaya!

Art trance, creation dance.

Mega new art. The Springtime erupts with stories, as the inner light emerges through the portal of trance-formation, found in the dark cauldrons of winter's cold wisdom. Deep listening, rapid spinning, this vortex enveloping, transmitting these languages of colorful creatures, while adding detailed layering and some extra special features.

New prints, stencil t-shirts, sculptures in progress...

Here's a recent set- up:

Excited to set up some art temples and creative spaces this summer!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hey fellow travelers and explorers!

I have huge amounts of new, explosive, colorful, and downright psychedelic art. It's the latest in biofeedback technology -- your mind goes through the paintbrush and onto the canvas, where you then experience the effects of your perception of color and form. And the deeper your trance while painting, the more people will trip out while looking at your creations. It's a great way to practice act-eye-vating, opening your heart, and commune-eye-cating the Spirit flowing through.

So check them out! Send me feedback, and let's collaborate sometime. Also, all prints are for sale, in 8 by 11 and soon to be larger. If you like one, send me a link to the picture, and I'll send you one in the mail, shipping included, for $15. If you really super like one, It can be printed on canvas or almost anything else.

Thanks for stopping by! My blog with even more art, and poetry, is right here:

Let's shine some serious Light this summer!

jedimindtraveler at

Artist Statement: 

As I feel the sweet rhythms of the uni-verse pulsing through my feet, I let the trance visions flow through my fingers and onto the canvas -- giving color and form to worlds and beings of light. I create art to reveal the depth of my meditative practices -- I simply allow the paint brush to dance and sing the harmonies that I hear when I truly listen to the commune-eye-cations coming through. The creative and magical act of painting is a healing performance that allows me to practice entering into a high energy trance, through hypnotic sound and movement. At first the painting seems chaotic and flowing everywhere all at once, but as the energy clarifies, I collect the awareness gained from the ecstatic journey, into a slower, more meditative energy, where, through the lens of my perception, the diverse elements organize themselves into a clear commune-I-cation of an eternal shamanic story. As the plot, characters, and scenes miraculously flow forth, eternal essence is embodied, and realized, as the fully awakened presence, that continues to remember and explore itself.